Friday, 4 December 2020

FFS Friday - Fenced in

Happy Friday beautiful people. Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. Tiger was going to take the day off but it's too close to when we have to go to Perth for an appointment so he couldn't. I'll be spending the day helping set up for the boy's disco and we'll both be spending the evening volunteering at the disco so we will barely get to see each other. Oh well, that's life with young kids.
I have no idea how I've managed to put up with Tiger for 14 years. It hasn't been easy. Men are strange creatures, I really don't understand them sometimes. 
I'm sure they feel the same way about us.
He asks the silliest questions. At the moment his favourite question is "Is it just me or is it (cold/hot/windy etc)"
I don't understand that question. 
After he'd asked me about ten times this week I said "What difference does it make? If you're cold then you're cold, it doesn't matter if I'm cold or not. Your reality is your reality."
Really, what's the point of that question? If he's cold then he's cold, what difference does it make if I'm cold or not? Even if he's the only one in the world who is cold, he's still cold.
Would he suddenly not be cold if I told him it was just him? No, he'd still be cold, so why ask?
A few times I've told him it was just him, then his anxiety kicked in and he started worrying that there was something wrong. It's easier to just ignore the question. Hah. 
I wonder if he regrets marrying me. We were together four years before we got married and we'd known each other two years before we got married so it wasn't like he didn't know what he was in for.  
You know what else has been bothering me lately? Fences. Or more particularly, the lack of fences around houses in the USA. I have a friend who lives there, she's just bought a house. There is no fence on two sides and a single chain fence on another side! WTF! Their pool didn't even have a fence around it! 
The real estate agent told her he's never seen a fenced pool.
I have so many questions about the lack of fencing and the issues it causes, but they can't be answered because everytime my friend asks someone they have no answers because it's normal to them. 
Really, how do they cope without fences? There's no privacy, no security. How do they keep their children and animals in their yard? What if they want to sunbathe naked in the backyard? Or wander around in their underwear in their house? They can't do those things because the neighbours would see.
Do they go outside to find random kids and animals in their yard? The mind boggles. I just don't understand. 

Clearly I need more sleep. Or more coffee. Or both. Both would be good. And chocolate. I definitely need more chocolate. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

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