Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 Happenings

I started this post on the 15th of December 2019 when I got the brilliant idea to write down things that happened through the year so that I could look back on them at the end of 2020. Clever me.
Then COVID happened and everything slowed right down. But that's okay.

We watched pole vaulting live. It was really great to watch, I can't wait to see it again next year (if it's on). 
I finally had my ankle surgery. The road to recovery is long and painful, but I'm getting there. 
The world went crazy and we went into lock down. 
Chai turned nine on the 9th.
Tiger finished FIFO on the 17th. 
Who would have thought we'd all be staying home for five months? 
April to July were quiet, very quiet. We stayed at home and did very little. It was quite nice hibernating in our own little cocoon, safe and warm at home. 
Eljay turned 7 on the 2nd.
Tiger started working locally mid way through August and our FIFO years were officially over.  

We sold my car and paid off two credit cards. Despite the challenges we've reduced quite a bit of debt this year.  
The boys started school! Eljay was full time straight away and Chai did a gradual start until October when he went full time. 

The boys went to their school disco and both of them had a great time. 
Eljay had his first play date! It might not seem like a big deal but for a quiet introvert it's a huge thing. In the past we've only caught up with Chai's friends, so it's really lovely that Eljay now has his own friends.
Chai had an ASD assessment. We're still waiting on the results. 

For us COVID has been a blessing. It's helped us realise what is important to us. 
Tiger is home.
We now have a weekly Zoom call with Mum's side of the family. I get to see my relatives weekly, whereas before I'd only see them every few years.

We've also started making sure to pop in on one of our family friends. She's alone so we make sure that we stay in touch and visit her every few weeks so that she knows she has support. 
My BFF and I make sure to see each other at least fortnightly. We're both lazy and secure in our friendship so used to go ages without talking because we were both busy. We don't let that happen now. I've really enjoyed spending more time with her. 
It's probably the only time that we'll get to have a five month holiday together. That's what lockdown meant to us, five months spent together, with our babies at home. It had it's tough moments but overall I loved it. 
Whilst 2020 was a rough year for a lot of people, for us it was a wonderful year and I'm so grateful for the opportunities and experiences we had. 

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