Friday, 11 December 2020

FFS Friday - Guilty until proven innocent

It's Friday! WooHoo! We made it! Who else has no idea what day it is any more? I'm so confused. After trying my best and constantly getting it wrong, I have now given in to the chaos and accepted that I have nfi what is going on.
The boys only have four days of school left.
Eljay is excited, Chai is not. How funny is that? I never thought I'd see Chai happy to be at school.
Monday Tiger got a letter from the chemist saying that they had systems in place to check if things weren't paid for and that he hadn't paid for a script he received. Basically they were politely accusing him of stealing.
I was the one who picked up the script so I checked our online banking and sure enough I'd paid for it. 
I called them but they couldn't tell me what the problem was, so Tuesday morning I went in there. 
Turns out it was their mistake! They'd had him recorded as still having a health care card so they'd charged us the wrong price. 
I didn't even look at the receipt, I just swiped my card so had no idea they'd charged me the wrong price. 
When I checked the online banking there were two amounts spent at the chemist that day, so I figured they'd done something strange when they processed the payment.

They didn't apologise for accusing us of stealing. 
How rude. You'd think the least they would do is apologise. 
The person I spoke to said that it's a generic letter so the same thing gets sent to everyone, even if they have paid for the item like we did.

Really, you'd think that they'd be a little more careful about accusing people of something they didn't do. 
Wizard Pharmacy you need to have a good look at your generic letters!
I'm in the mood for complaining so I've written to their head office telling them they need to change their letters and stop accusing innocent people of stealing. 
Who else should I complain to whilst I'm at it? I've complained to St George bank because they still haven't sorted out the credit card debacle. Once they've sorted it out I'm going to report them to the AFCA because if a bank can't recognise that 57 transactions over a few days on a previously inactive account is fraud then they have a serious issue. 

Have a beautiful weekend :)

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