Thursday, 21 January 2016

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish

I love the look of painted fingernails but rarely paint mine because no matter how careful I am my polish chips really quickly, sometimes within a few hours. I don't understand how polish on my toe nails lasts for two weeks and yet doesn't even last a few days on my nails. Oh well. I was recently sent the new Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish which claims to wear for up to fourteen days, so I gave it a go, optimistically hoping for the best. 

I applied two coats of polish and one coat of the gel top coat. As you can probably see in the nail photos below, I am not very good with my application! Also, how do bloggers take such good finger photos? I couldn't get a decent one for the life of me.

The colour I received is Grape Sorbet which is a shimmery lilac pink. I didn't love it as I'm not partial to shimmery colours, but Tiger loves it. There are fifteen shades available so there's sure to be something to suit everyone. I'm planning on picking up Blue Babe next time Priceline has them on sale. 

I have no idea how people get such great photos of their nails, I took so many photos and they all turned out terribly! Both these photos are when the polish was freshly applied (obviously). Whilst I didn't get fourteen days wear, I am still pretty happy with it. I had very, very minor wear on the end of two nails on day three. Day four it got worse and I had noticeable chips on three nails. There was also wear on the end of four nails. Day five I couldn't stand the chips so got out the nail polish remover. Removal was easy, exactly the same as with regular nail polish. I noticed after I'd removed the polish that my nails felt really strong, like I'd been using a nail hardener. I'm not sure if that's from the Super Gel polish or just a co-incidence, so I'll test it more and report back.
Overall I'm really happy with my Super Gel nail polish. I didn't get close to fourteen days wear, but five days wear is fine by me, I'm happy to do my nails once a week. 

You can purchase Super Gel nail polish individually for $9.95 or in a duo pack for $14.95.

*This product was provided for review. 

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