Monday, 6 April 2020

Liloh Skincare

A little while ago I was sent a pack of travel sized Liloh Skincare products. At the time I was hesitant to use them as my skin was having a tantrum, however I gave them a go and they soothed my upset skin straight away. Yay!

The products are really beautiful. Liloh Skincare is clean, natural and Australian. You can buy the full range in travel size which is a great way to trial everything and see if it works for you. I love being able to try before I commit to a full sized product.

The range consists of Fresh Daily Cleanser, Vitamin Smoothie Serum, Glow Day Cream and Glow Night Cream.  

If I had to pick one product as a favourite it'd be the Vitamin Smoothie Serum.  It smells amazing and my skin felt lovely when I was using it.

Fresh Daily Cleanser is a light, gel formula that doesn't irritate my eyes and easily removes all my make-up. My skin feels cleans and happy after use, without that tight, dry feeling. It has a soft, fresh scent. 

The Vitamin Smoothie Serum smells like lollies! It's quickly absorbed, hydrating and made my skin glow. With vitamins A, C and E it's a very effective serum and one I'll be purchasing soon!

Glow Day Cream is quickly absorbed, hydrating and soothing. When my skin was irritated I found this very calming. Despite the light texture my skin felt hydrated all day, which isn't usually the case with light moisturisers. 

Last up is the Glow Night Cream. I really enjoyed using this one. It has a soft, calming scent, it's rich and plumping. I'd wake up with soft, plump and glowing skin the next morning On days when my skin was particularly dry I'd use this as a day cream.

You can purchase Liloh Skincare from their website. The trial pack is $49.95. The products lasted me around three weeks with daily use.    

Note: These products were provided for review.

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