Sunday, 19 April 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. I have huge, huge news. Chai now sleeps all night in his own bed! It's only taken us nine years to get to this point!

2. When this is all over, do you think you'll live differently? I hope that we will. I hope we'll take less things for granted, spend less money and be more aware of what's truly important.

3. I'd really like to get a job.It's occurred to me that now Tiger is home I might be able to get a job or start studying so that I can get a job sometime in the future. I'd love to have a job.

4. Listening to kids chatting on the phone is hilarious, they're so cute. 

5. Mothers day is coming up soon. If you're planning on purchasing online, get onto it asap as postage is taking ages at the moment.

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