Friday, 3 April 2020

FFS Friday - This too shall pass

Who else gets asked stupid questions all the time? I do and I'm over it. I used to answer them properly, now I give a stupid reply. 

Here's a few examples:

Tiger: Have you been giving Chai his medication?
Me: No.
Tiger: You're joking aren't you?
Me: No.
Tiger: Of course you have, that was a silly question.
Me: Yes.

When there's a huge mess that's clearly been made by one of the kids.
Tiger: Why is this mess here?
Me: I just thought it'd be fun to dump sand all through the kitchen.

As I'm standing in the bathroom half dressed, getting ready to go out.
Eljay: Can we go now?
Me: Sure, I'll just go like this, let me get my keys.
Eljay: Stop being stupid Mum.

At 5.30am when we've just got out of bed.
Chai: Can we have Macca's?
Me: Sure, shall we head there now?
Chai: Stop it Mum.

Tiger: Hey babe, my wallet is still in your bag.
Me: Looking at him.
Tiger: Do you know where your bag is?
Me: Of course I do.
Tiger: Can you get it for me?
Me: (inside my head "No, I've got an ankle injury, I can barely fucking walk!") You know where it is.
Tiger: Goes and gets his wallet.

As I'm getting dinner out of the oven.
Chai: I want food.
Me: Really? You want to eat? I didn't know you expected to eat every day.
Chai: Yeah Mum, I'm hungry.

Funny how they know it's a stupid question but ask it anyhow. What's with that? I don't understand why they constantly ask stupid questions. It's not just on the odd occasion, it's all the time. Every. Single. Day. FFS.

If you read my thoughts of the week you'll know that Tiger lost his job last Friday. It's bittersweet. Half of me is glad that he's no longer fifo and that he'll be home during these scary times. The other part of me is wondering htf we're going to survive without his income. 

At first I was really worried then when I thought about it I realised that we will survive. It might be tough but we'll get through and get back on our feet eventually. 

There are a lot of people in the same situation as us. These times are so strange and scary. I find the worst part is not knowing. Not knowing how long this will go on for, not knowing when I'll be able to see my loved ones again, not knowing when Tiger will get a job, not knowing if all my friends and family will be safe.

What I do know is; this will pass. We'll get through it and come out the other side.
Once it's all over I think we'll appreciate life more. We'll appreciate freedom. We'll love being able to go to the park, out for coffee, see our friends, go out for tea, go to the beach, go to the cinema etc.
Things that we used to take for granted will be seen through different, more appreciative eyes. 
That's not such a bad thing is it?

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