Monday, 27 April 2020

Zero waste favourites

Dearest Lips
I've loved Dearest Lips balms ever since I discovered them on Etsy. Glaiza now has her own website and her balms are stocked in several stores too. 
All Dearest Lips balms come in cardboard tubes or tubs and are fully compostible. The products are organic so once the balm is empty you can throw it in the compost or even in your garden and it'll break down in a few months. 

Shampoo With a Purpose
I've only recently discovered Shampoo With a Purpose, they are now my holy grail shampoo. Even better, the shampoo doubles as a conditioner and soap so I'm saving myself a lot of money!  
At first I was doubtful that it'd be effective (we all know how dodgy those two in one shampoo and conditioners are!), however to my delight Shampoo With a Purpose lives up to all it's claims. 

Kiss Ready Lips
One of my all time favourite natural deodorants is Louella's. It smells lovely, comes in a very convenient (and hardy) tin and works! Kiss Ready products are all hand made in small batches. The Light Chia Oil is beautiful as are the lip balms and Sun Veil balm. 

Blossy Lou 
I'm fully converted to reuseable make-up wipes. Gone are the days of using cotton rounds to take my make-up off, I now use a mitt or scrubbies from Blossy Lou. Chelsea hand makes all her products, along with the make-up scrubbies she also has body and dish scrubbies.
Orders are sent in a compostible package and the scrubbies are also compostible, so once you've worn them out just throw them in the compost.

Another brand I enjoy that's worth a mention is The Physic Garden. Their products are all zero waste, made in Australia and very effective. The sensitive deodorant is lovely as are their lip balms and body balms. 

Whilst we're talking zero waste, if you're on the hunt for a good reusable up, the best ones I've found are Contigo, Frank Green steel and Avantil Go cup. They don't leak (even when floating around in the bottom of my bag), are easy to clean and keep my coffee warm for hours. 

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