Thursday, 2 August 2018

Dear Eljay

My precious boy. Today you are five. Five! It feels like you've been here forever and only a few weeks at the same time. Your birth seems like a lifetime ago and yet not that long ago.

It was this time five years ago that my waters broke as I was plating up dinner for Tiger and Chai. It wasn't much later that I was holding you in my arms and soaking in your beautiful newness. I lay looking at your for hours after you were born, you were such a tiny little bub.

Eljay, you are the light of my life. You are a curious, inquisitive and observant little man. You love to learn and love to help. You're constantly by my side helping me cook, clean and do things around the house. Learning fascinates you, you watch and listen intently then ask questions until you understand. The past few months you've really come out of your shell and are confident when talking to other people.

You're still fiercely independent and love to do things yourself. 

For your birthday this year you asked for: a spanner, an axe, wood scented lip balm, choc mint lip balm and more lip balms. 
You wanted the spanner and axe so that you can help Daddy when he's chopping wood and fixing things. We're going to get you your own tool box with real tools so that you can help out whenever you want to.

My precious boy. I hope that you stay wild, independent and happy. You are my beautiful boy and I love you more than life itself.


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