Friday, 31 August 2018


This week has been one long episode of Crap That Only Happens When Tiger Is Away. It started on Sunday. 

We woke up, I looked at Chai and one of his front teeth was black. I could see from the bottom that the whole tooth was black inside. Nice. I googled it and my ever trusty google assured me that it was nothing to worry about. Considering google usually tells me I'm dying, I should have been reassured, however I'm a Mum so I wasn't. How can it be okay for a tooth to be black!? I decided to make a dentist appointment on Monday and we continued with our day. 

That evening the dishwasher stopped working. I couldn't find the warranty paperwork but I was pretty sure it was under warranty, so I planned to go into JB Hi Fi on Monday and get the receipt from them. Easy.

Monday morning I woke up with the worst hayfever I've ever had. My nose was running like a tap, my eyes were watering and I couldn't stop sneezing. I took three different natural remedies that usually work. They did nothing. 
I took an antihistamine, it did nothing. I then realised that the antihistamine was expired. Damn. 
I used a nasal spray and took more of the natural remedies. Nothing. At this stage I decided that we had to leave town before I died from hayfever, so sent messages to Tiger informing him that we're moving. 

Since I had stuff to do I couldn't lie around wallowing in self pity so we headed to the chemist where I purchased more drugs (antihistamines) and downed them immediately. 

I got the warranty details from JB Hi Fi and was delighted to discover the dishwasher is under warranty until 2012. Bonus.

I made Chai a dentist appointment for Tuesday lunchtime. Chai was determined not to go to the dentist, so I didn't tell him I'd made the appointment.

My hayfever didn't ease off until 6pm that night. FFS. 

Tuesday morning we headed to our home school group. Whilst we were there the dentist rang and made my appointment an hour earlier which meant that we missed most of the home school group. It was a very wet day so that wasn't a huge deal. 

As we were heading to the dentist Chai asked where we were going. When I told him he was furious and started yelling at me that I'm an awful Mum, I'm so mean and the worst Mum in the world. He locked himself in the car but I managed to get him out and thankfully the dentist and all the staff were lovely. The dentist was very kind, patient and brilliant with both the boys. If you're in Bunbury and need a dentist, I highly recommend Dr Jeet at Eversmile Dental.

Tuesday evening The Great Laundry Flood of 2018 occurred. I'd just got the boys out of the bath and was putting their towels into the laundry when I saw this.

Once I'd figured out that the stinky water came from the drain and not the washing machine, I got the plunger out to see if I could unblock the drain. I couldn't. 

I sent a calm message to Tiger telling him what had happened...

Next I video called Dad to get his advice. Whilst I was talking to him I managed to unblock the drain and most of the water flowed away. Dad suggested leaving it until the morning to see how it went. 

That's not how I do things so I went outside and found the problem. One of the drains was blocked so that the open/close valve was stuck open. 
I managed to clear it out, although I'm sure my arm will never smell the same again. 

I then called Tiger and told him I'm superwoman and since I saved him around $300 I'll be buying myself a present. 

You'd think that'd be enough for this week but it wasn't. Wednesday I was sitting at my computer starting to write this post when I saw something move in the wood basket. White ants. FFS. You have to be kidding me! 

Just to ensure my sanity was barely hanging on by a thread the craziness continued. Sunday Chai developed a red patch next to his eye. When it hadn't gone away after four days I took him to the Dr to be told that he has impetigo. FFS.

Now for what is hopefully the last piece of crap for this week. Last night I was cleaning up after dinner when I heard a huge bang and Eljay started crying. I couldn't see any blood, but he was holding his mouth and screaming. Turns out he'd found a cap for a pop gun, put it in his mouth and bit down on it, which made it explode. FFS. 

Thankfully it did no damage other than give him a sore tongue and a huge scare.   

Why does this shit only happen when I'm on my own!!!!!

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