Monday, 13 August 2018

Do not buy this mask

I really should have known better than to think that cheap skin care was a good idea. There's cheap as in on sale at the supermarket or Priceline, then there's Kmart cheap. Kmart cheap is somewhere I just shouldn't have gone, but I did.

I saw it in store and hoped that it might be a dupe for my favourite Glam Glow mask. Silly me. At only $5 I thought it was worth a try. If only I'd known.

When Emma was here we decided to have a mask night. We put it on, laughed at how funny we looked with our metalic copper faces and waited for it to dry.

I should have been suspicious right from the start, it was making my eyes water as I was applying it. Silly me ignored that warning sign and went ahead with using the mask.

The fun started when the mask had dried and it was time to peel it off. It was stuck like glue. Not joking. It was stuck so well that I struggled to peel any off, I couldn't peel off enough to get enough of a grip to peel the mask off. When I finally managed to get off enough and start to peel the mask off, it was painful! The smart thing to do would have been to wash the mask off, which I was going to do, but Emma was peeling hers off and I couldn't look like a wus, so I persevered and peeled mine off, whimpering the whole time. 

Half an hour later, when I'd finally removed the mask, my skin felt soft and smooth, which is to be expected when you remove the top layer of skin. It still felt soft the next day, but was back to normal on the second day.

If you're looking to remove the top layer of skin then this is the mask for you. If you're happy keeping your skin where it's supposed to be, don't buy this mask.

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