Friday, 17 August 2018

FFS Friday - Soulless

This week it has come to my attention that Tiger is trying to kill me. He's a clever man so he's not doing it by traditional means, he's doing it slowly via torture. People torture to be exact.

See I'm an introvert and Tiger is an extrovert. When he's away he spends most of his time at work or in camp. When he's home he wants to go out. Every. Single. Day. Without fail. 

It's slowly killing my soul. I can't cope with being around people every single day, I like to be home, safely cocooned in my house, away from everyone. 

If we were doing something productive it wouldn't be so bad, but he's so disorganised that we spend a whole pile of time running around getting nothing done. 
When I have to go out I plan it. I write down what I need to do/get, go to the place that's furthest away first and then head back towards home stopping where I need to along the way. I make sure we're not out at mealtimes and that everything is done efficiently.

Tiger doesn't have a list and is totally disorganised. He'll go round in circles, stopping all over the place with no logic or order to it. He'll get halfway home then remember that he didn't get everything he needed to so we'll have to go out again the next day. 

The next day the same thing happens, he'll go out near a mealtime so then insist on stopping to eat, then he'll forget what he needs, zig zag all over the place with no particular order and have to go out again the next day. 

It's exhausting and it's slowly killing my soul. I'm sure it's part of his grand plan to do me in. Not sure what advantage he'll get by killing me as I don't have life insurance, but that must be his plan, it's the only logical reason for his totally irrational behaviour. 

If you don't hear from me next week you'll know his evil plan has come to fruition. 
Rosie, Emma and Karen, you can share my make-up between you upon my demise. 

It's been nice knowing you all.  

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