Friday, 10 August 2018

FFS Friday - Windy

Today it's time for episode three million and seventy nine of crap that only happens when Tiger is away.

It was last Saturday. I'd taken the boys out to an Aboriginal festival. It was a freezing cold (11 degree) day and we were outdoors at a camping ground. You had to park the car and walk about 500 meters to the site. I thought we'd only be there for about an hour so left our water bottles in the car and didn't bother having breakfast.

We were there for three hours in the cold, windy and rainy weather. By the time we left I was totally over it. On the way home we had to stop at Aldi. We got caught in the rain on the way in and the way out. 

I was just starting to thaw out when we got pulled over for an RBT. The poor police officers were freezing cold, I felt so sorry for them. 

We got home, got changed then headed down to the park for a while. Chai was still in beast mode and I was totally over dealing with his crap behaviour. He was a monster the whole time we were at the park. By the time we got home I was well and truly over things and ready for the day to end.

When we got home, I looked out the door and saw this:

Then I went outside and saw this:

We got the trampoline four years ago. When we got it I asked Tiger to fasten it down so that it couldn't blow away in the wind. He told me it wouldn't blow away and didn't fasten it down. 

Three years ago, during a storm, Tiger was walking along the side of the house and nearly got hit by the trampoline as it tipped over. He still didn't bother fastening it down.
I've tried fastening it down but it doesn't hold. If he'd done what I've been asking him to for the last four years, it would have saved me a lot of grief.

I have nine people I can call for help when Tiger is away. None of them were available. There was glass all over the place from the lights smashing and I couldn't get the trampoline off the pool fence.

Not having anyone to help I stood there trying to figure out what I was going to do. Sitting down and crying seemed like a good option. I couldn't leave the trampoline where it was because it was unstable and I needed to get the glass cleaned up so that Shelby didn't cut herself. 
Instead of crying, I pulled myself together and decided to dismantle the trampoline. I figured that if I took the poles off I should be able to push the trampoline off the fence.

It took me two hours to dismantle the trampoline, get it off the fence and clean up the glass. I did the best I could but I'm still finding glass all over the place.

I couldn't get the glass and poles out of the pool, so they had to stay there until Tiger got home. 

By the time I was finished it was 6pm. Poor Shelby had to    stay inside the whole time so that her paws didn't get cut. 
After the day I'd had I decided we'd get fish and chips for tea cause there was no way I was going to cook. I called the fish and chip shop ten times, each time the phone was engaged. FFS.

In the end we went down there and only waited about ten minutes. We got home, had our dinner then the boys wanted to stay up late! FFS.

That was the last thing I needed. They were already up past their bedtime so I told them they'd had a stay up. Chai had a wobbly because he wanted to stay up on his own (without Eljay), but by that time I was well and truly over it so I put the boys to bed and went to bed about ten minutes later. 

What a day. This crap never happens when Tiger is home.

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