Friday, 3 August 2018

When I loved myself enough

Many years ago when I was going through a very low stage, I read a beautiful book by Kim McMillen called When I Loved Myself Enough. It listed all the ways she behaved when she learned how to extend love and compassion to herself.
At the time it was exactly what I needed to read.
I've now composed my own list. 
I'd love to know what's on your list.

When I loved myself enough...

I chose my battles....some things are worth fighting for, some are not.

I started saying no without explanation.

I played my music...all day.   

I spoke my truth without shame or fear.

I embraced those parts of me that are hurt, ashamed and scared. They need love as much as the whole parts do.

I got my crystals out and started growing my collection again.

I accepted that I'm a strange, barefoot hippie and that's perfectly okay.

I wore my crystals every day.

I stopped replying to messages, spending time with and dealing with people who cause me stress.

I started trusting myself.

I carved my own path instead of doing what was expected of me. 

I accepted that I'm not like most people and that's exactly how I want to be.

I stopped sharing my opinion with people who will never change.

I made sure to spend time in the bush...every single day.

I raised my face to the sky and danced in the rain.

I sat and watched the storm clouds rolling past.

I started going to the hairdresser again.

I bought the jumper with love hearts on it.

I stopped answering the phone when I didn't feel like talking.

I started reading every day.

I put my phone down and started paying attention to my life.

I started saying fuck's such an empowering word.

I wore my favourite things every day.

I used the nice cups and plates.

I got dressed up whenever I wanted to. Dressing up to do the housework makes it so much more fun.

I did what was right for my family and I, regardless of whether it was socially acceptable. 

I walked around barefoot whenever I could.

I bought myself a coffee from my favourite coffee shop every now and again.

I realised that doing something nice for myself is not selfish, it's loving. 

I treated myself with the kindness that I treat others. 

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