Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Two new sunscreens I've been testing

Well isn't that a creative title? I spent ages trying to think up something witty, but came up blank.

I've always been sensitive to sunscreen but the last few months the sensitivity has got a lot worse and everything is irritating me. I wear sunscreen every day, so being unable to wear it isn't ideal. I know that it's winter, but the UV levels are still quite high and daily sunscreen is a must. Thankfully there are two sunscreens that I can wear even on days when my skin is red, inflamed and very irritated.

The Kiss Ready Skin Sun Veil Skin Balm and Moss Lumi and Halo are orgeous products. They're soothing on irritated skin, natural and give an SPF of around twenty, which is fine for winter. 

I can use these products on the red irritated patches of skin and the dry flaky parts, they don't irritate at all. Those of you will know how difficult finding sunscreen that doesn't sting irritated skin can be.   

Kiss Ready Skin Sun Veil is quite hydrating, so I've been using it in place of a moisturiser. I apply my serums, a light layer of face oil then put Sun Veil on top. On days when I'm using a liquid foundation I give it a few minutes to settle into my skin. 
When I'm using mineral powder foundation I apply my foundation straight away. It makes a wonderful primer for both liquid and mineral foundations. 

Moss Lumi and Halo are very unique and really interesting. 
Halo is a powder sunscreen and Lumi is a serum. You mix them together to get a gorgeous, tinted sunscreen.
They don't need to be used together, you can use Halo on it's own, just mix it into an oil based serum. The good thing about Halo is that it's lightly tinted, so can be used in place of foundation or to provide extra coverage under foundation. I like the extra coverage it gives, it helps to cover my red, irritated patches. 

I have only used Halo mixed into Lumi so I can't say how Halo works with other serums, but it's beautiful with Lumi. Lumi is a lovely, light serum that feels lovely and silky on my skin. I only need a small amount of both, so even with daily use they'll last a long time.

If you have sensitive skin what's your favourite sunscreen?

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