Friday, 24 August 2018

FFS Friday - The trampoline saga

You may remember I told you about our trampoline flipping a few weeks ago. We quickly discovered that Chai needs a trampoline. Now that we know how much use the trampoline gets, we decided to buy a better quality one. Tiger searched online and found a great one for half price. It was in Perth and delivery from Perth to Bunbury (200km's) would cost $160, so we decided to pick it up ourselves and have a day out in the process.

We arranged to borrow Dad's trailer and set out Saturday. We got a few kilometres down the road and realised that the trailer was very, very loud. Being impatient I just wanted to keep on going, but Tiger is more sensible than me so he stopped to make sure the trailer was okay. The wheels "had a lot of play in them" (whatever that means) so we headed back to Dad's house and Tiger tightened them up. Good o.

Off we headed again. About 50 km's down the road Tiger decided to stop for coffee. WTF! I just wanted to get there. I protested but he ignored me, so we stopped for coffee. Lucky we did. As we were leaving, we heard a screeching noise coming from the trailer. We noticed that one of the wheels wasn't turning. When we got out to investigate we discovered that the wheel bearings had died. Hmmm.

This meant that we were stuck 50 km's out of town, with a trailer that we couldn't move. Nice. One towing company wanted $270 to come out with a car trailer, the other one wanted $200. I don't think so. Dad wasn't answering the phone and our roadside assistance only covered the car, not the trailer, so we were stuck.

Thankfully the place we were stuck at was a cafe with great food, lovely coffee and a huge playground. The weather was beautiful, so the boys and I had a wonderful time whilst Tiger sorted everything out. The people at the cafe were lovely and let us lock the trailer to their fence until we sorted things out.

We tied it up and headed home. Sunday morning we picked up a trailer from Bunnings, headed to Perth and picked up the trampoline. After we unpacked the trailer, instead of returning it to Bunnings, Tiger decided to start putting the trampoline together. By the time we'd put the base and matt on it was too late to return the trailer. Silly Tiger.

Monday morning started at 6.30am for Tiger. He had to pick Dad up, drive into town and return the trailer, drive 20 km's out of town to pick up a car trailer, drive out and pick up Dad's trailer, drop that off in town at the mechanic, drive 20 km's out of town to return the trailer, drop Dad home then come home and finish putting the trampoline together. Fun times.

The good news is that the new trampoline is awesome and very securely tied down, so hopefully it won't be flying away any time soon.

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