Monday, 30 January 2017

My Priceline 40% off sale haul

Last week Priceline had 40% off all skincare, suncare and tanning products. I usually just stock up on sunscreen but this time I was running short on skincare too so took advantage of the sale and stocked up.

This is my biggest Priceline haul to date. Whilst it looks like a lot, when I take away the sunscreen and Tiger's products, I really didn't buy much at all. 

We go through a lot of sunscreen, about a tube a week, so I bought three of our favourite Neutrogena sunscreen. I also bought a few new sunscreens to try. Eljay and I are both very sensitive to sunscreen and have to be careful what we use. A friend recommended the Natio sunscreen so I got that along with ones from Natural Instincts, Cetaphil, Cancer Council and Sun Bum. 

I use the normal version of Cetaphil and it's great, this time I picked up the oily skin version, hoping that it'll work a little better under makeup. When I use the normal version on my face it tends to make my makeup pil, fingers crossed the oily skin one won't. 

We used Sun Bum over the weekend and great news, it doesn't irritate! Also, it's natural which I'm really pleased about. I have yet to try it under make-up, I'll report back once I have. 

The Bull Dog, Sukin, L'Oreal and Nivea products are all for Tiger. He's been using Bull Dog skincare for a few years now and loves it. It rarely goes on sale so when it does, grab it!

I got a back up of my holy grail Trilogy cleanser. My bottle is only 1/3 finished, but at 40% off it's worth stocking up on.

The Alpha Keri body scrub is one that I hadn't seen before. I used it over the weekend and it's lovely. It's a sugar scrub so lovely and scrubby, just the way I like my scrubs.

I'm nearly out of serum so picked up the Hylamide SubQ Anti Age and Derma E Liquid Peel. I also purchased a trial pack of Indeed Labs products to trial.

I wanted some eye masks but the only ones I could find were the Collagen Eye Patches. There was only one packet left so I grabbed it.

Hand products have been getting really good reviews, especially their Aging serum. The lady at Priceline told me she swears by it, so I'm interested to see what it's like. 

The last thing I purchased was Lanolips Banana balm which is a gift for a friend.

What did you get from the Priceline sale? If you've blogged about it, please leave the link for me.

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  1. I didn't end up buying anything this time around, still working my way through some stuff. I could probably do with some anti-aging hand products though. I feel as though my hands are beginning to resemble chicken feet.


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