Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Foundations on rotation

This year I'm all about using things up (as usual). I'm particularly concentrating on using up make-up as it's something that I rarely finish now that I'm not going to work every day.

In an effort to finish my foundations I've pulled out four and I'll use them exclusively until they're gone then add in others as appropriate. I want to get down to four or five favourites that I use and repurchase.

I'm notoriously bad for deciding to finish a product then getting bored with it and swapping it for something else (or ten other things). In order for me to stick to using only the foundations I selected I made sure I had all bases (haha) covered.

I chose a tinted moisturiser, BB, CC and matte foundation. If it was winter I would have chosen a glowy foundation, however in summer I'm all about matte skin.

They're all products that I really like and with the exception of the Rimmel BB I intend to repurchase all of them, so I'm not forcing myself to use something that I don't like. I've tossed or given away all the foundations that I don't like, no point using something I don't want to use.

Are you trying to finish products this year? What's your favourite base product?

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