Friday, 13 January 2017

FFS Friday - Under

I've been having lots of problems with Intense Debate over the last few months so uninstalled it.

It didn't warm me that doing so would remove all the comments. Sorry everyone!

I'm hoping that now it'll be easier for people to comment.

I'm also hoping that I won't get a barrage of spam comments like I did before I had Intense Debate. 

Prior to installing Intense Debate I was getting at least 20 spam comments a day. I can only imagine how many the huge blogs get.

We live in the country. Tiger grew up in the country, I grew up in the country. Spiders are a natural part of life when you live in the country. Somehow Tiger has forgotten about that and freaks out every time he sees a spider. Considering there are heaps of spiders around, he freaks out a lot. I swear he'd tell me at least five times a day that he's seen a spider. I'm not sure what he expects me to say. Usually I say nothing. It's a spider FFS, they're everywhere. When I don't react he then tells me the type of spider it is, as if that'll elicit a response. It doesn't. So what if it's a redback or white tail? They're everywhere. Deal with it Tiger!

Shelby is a dog who loves water. She's loved it from when she was tiny. 

She's only a little dog and at eight months old she can still fit under the pool fence. 

When we didn't have a pool blanket it wasn't a huge issue, she'd wander around the pool but not get into it.

Now that it's summer it's a different story. Tuesday we had the pool blanket off and I heard splashing in the pool. 

I looked out the window and saw Shelby happily swimming around. I watched her for five minutes then went to get her out. She swam away from me and it took me another five minutes to get her out.

She knows where the steps are so if she falls in she should be able to get out, provided the pool blanket isn't on.

Wednesday she discovered that she can run across the pool blanket and to her delight she realised that if she sits right near the edge of the pool she sinks a bit so gets all wet.

I can just see her sinking right in and then getting stuck under the blanket. Which is exactly what happened Wednesday afternoon.

We'd all been for a swim (Shelby included) and I was putting the blanket back on the pool.

As soon as Shelby saw the blanket she jumped onto it, but she slipped under the blanket. 

She couldn't get out. Eljay tried to grab her by the collar but missed and she kept on going under and couldn't get out. 

I could see the panic on her face as she kept on sinking under the water. I was on the other side of the pool when it happened. I raced over and tried to grab her out but in her panic she was moving around too much and moved right under the blanket in the middle of the pool.

I ripped my towel and fitbit off and jumped into the pool. I got under the blanket and couldn't see her. 

Thankfully she'd managed to make her way to the other side of the pool but was still stuck under the blanket. I fished her out and thankfully all was well.

Right in the middle of it all Tiger Skyped us so he was listening and trying to figure out WTF was going on. 

This just goes to show that my fears about her drowning in the pool are founded.

When Tiger gets home we're going to put perspex around the bottom of the pool fence so that she can't get in. 

Until then I'll be paranoidly watching her every time she's outside. 

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