Friday, 6 January 2017

FFS Friday - The last post?

This time last year I asked the question and it's time for me to ask it again. Do you still want to see FFS Friday posts or are they getting boring? I feel like they've been more whingey than funny? Should I try a new format where I talk about the good and not so good parts of my week, are they fine the way they are or are they boring? Please let me know.

We've had lots of visitors lately. Whilst it's been great, Eljay and I are finding it a bit much. We both crave quiet time.

The PILs have been here twice in two weeks.

MIL is in her usual fine form. 

Tiger spent most of her second visit growling at her or telling her to butt out.

She never gets the message. 

This time she decided to rip the flyscreen off our door. FFS.

Really? Who does that?

Both Tiger and I told her not to but she ignored us and ripped it off. FFS.

Pretty sure FIL heard me muttering "Fuckin interfering bitch" under my breath. 

The reason she decided to rip it off is because part of it was broken. We'd left it that way so Shelby could get in and out without us having to open the door.

Eljay tripped when he was coming through the door and scratched his arm on the flyscreen. It didn't break the skin, it was just a few small red marks.

MIL stated that he'd cut his arm open and therefore the flyscreen needed to go. FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she kept on overfeeding the dog.

Shelby is only little and I'm really strict about what she eats. MIL insists that she needs more than dog food.

I've spoken to the vet about it and he's told me this isn't true. She eats a super premium puppy food that gives her all the nutrition she needs.

Every now and again I'll give her a little bit of our food, but not very often.

MIL kept on giving her fatty meat leftovers which gives her diarrhoea.

Really bad diarrhoea.

The second time it happened MIL cleaned it all up. So she should.

Somehow we managed to survive two PIL visits in two weeks.  

The day after they went home from the second visit, FIL landed in hospital.

Everytime he lands in hospital we fear he won't make it.

Turns out the reason he got ill this time is because instead of drinking water he's been drinking iced coffee. He got dehydrated which caused other health problems that lead to him being rushed to hospital at 4am.

I'm amazed that an adult is so very careless and stupid about his health.

He's one of the most unhealthy people I know and yet his diet is disgusting.

It's very frustrating to see everyone around him suffer because he refuses to look after himself. 

Both Tiger and his mum have had enough so no doubt he's going to cop it from both of them. As he should.

The school holidays are half over. I am so not ready for Chai to be back at school. 


  1. I personally love your FFS Friday posts! I find them refreshingly honest and funny!

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! FFS Friday is staying for now :)


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