Monday, 16 January 2017

The one step that makes a huge difference in my brow routine

One thing I always do is my brows. Even if I'm not wearing make-up you can guarantee that my brows are done. 

I've tried all sorts of different brow products but every time I go back to a brow pencil. It's quick, easy and nearly foolproof.
In the past I used to apply the brow pencil and that was it, however I've discovered that combing my brows afterwards makes a huge difference. It evens out the colour, softens any parts that look a bit too heavy and just makes my brows look more polished. It's such a simple thing to do but makes a subtle but significant difference.

You can see in the photos that before I brush out my brows the colour looks quite heavy and unnatural, however afterwards it looks like I have naturally awesome brows. Magic.
Do you have a magic tip or trick for brows?

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