Sunday, 15 January 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. I believe that most people are essentially good. Last Friday that belief was confirmed twice. Thursday evening a lady posted on one of the local Facebook pages asking if there was someone with a loud motorbike who could come to McDonalds and rev the bike for her son's birthday. I saw the post and hoped that someone would turn up. As I watched the responses to the post grow and grow I knew that he'd have a good turn out. It was more than a good turn out. Around 100 bikes turned up. You can see the footage here

Later that day I was on my way home and saw my neighbour by the side of the road. He was standing next to his mobility scooter. As I was turning around to check if he was okay a young man in a hilux type vehicle stopped next to him. By the time I pulled up the young guy was helping to load the mobility scooter on to the back of his vehicle. The battery had gone flat and my neighbour was stranded. He has trouble walking so wouldn't have been able to get himself home. We all loaded the scooter onto the back of the 4wd and the young guy drove him home. Top bloke.

2. After taking a year off Ed Sheeran is back! He's released two songs so far. I love one and don't like the other one at all. 

3. The boys and I went to the cinema to watch Sing this week, we all loved it. The music was brilliant and there was enough adult humour to make it entertaining for me as well as the boys. Highly recommend.

4. I'm starting the $5 savings challenge. Every time I get a $5 note I'll put it in a money box. I don't use cash very often so I'll be interested to see how much I save. Every little bit counts.

5. This year is the year of paying off debt and getting our finances sorted. I've finally got Tiger on board which means it'll actually happen.  

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  1. We saw Sing on the weekend too! It's great isn't it, I loved the music :)


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