Friday, 28 October 2016

FFS Friday - Mega Meltdown

Just when I thought he couldn't get much worse, Eljay has upped his game and entered into the mega tantrum stage. FFS.

It's so much fun. Not. FFS.

Saturday he screamed for half an hour at the park because I asked him to pick up his thongs. FFS.

He wanted me to pick them up and when I said no he had a tantrum. FFS.

It felt like it was never going to end. FFS.

I tried all the tricks I knew and they didn't help. FFS.

I talked nicely to him.
I reasoned with him.
I cuddled him.
I empathised with him.
I walked away. 
I was stern.
I silently cuddled him.
I offered to go with him (to pick up the thongs).
I sat next to him.
I gave him space.
I tried to distract him.

I tried everything. Nothing worked. FFS.

After half an hour he got himself up, picked up his thongs and was done. FFS.

Tuesday he decided to have another go at it. FFS.

We were in the supermarket and he wanted me to go in the opposite direction. I did, he looked at what he wanted to look at then we kept on going. 
He decided he wanted to go back where we'd been and I said no. 
He started screaming. 
He screamed the whole time we were in the supermarket. 
The whole way to the car.
The whole time I was loading the shopping in to the car.
The whole time I was putting the trolley away.
He stopped for a while when I was talking to a lovely lady getting in to the car next to me.
He started again when I was trying to put him into the car whilst he did his best stiff as a board move.
He screamed so much that he was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home.

Surprisingly I didn't get any rude comments. The lady at the supermarket checkout told me not to give in and to take deep breaths. The lady at the car next to me sympathised and also told me not to give in. It was just what I needed. 

 People can be really lovely.

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