Friday, 14 October 2016

FFS Friday - Method in my madness

So I've got a thing about bum, shower and toilet germs. Perfectly normal (or not). 

I don't let anyone use my towel because I hate the thought of drying my face where they might have dried their bum. Then I'd get bum germs, gross. Or even worse, penis germs, double gross!

I had a few moments of panic a few weeks ago when I was drying my face and it occurred to me that I might be using the part of my towel that I'd dried my bum with. Then I realised I have method and I didn't even know. 

Here's how it goes. I dry my face first, with the very end of the towel. Then I wrap it around myself and dry my body. Lastly I dry my bum, using the middle of the towel. This ensures that I'm not rubbing bum germs all over my body. Clever eh? It also means that the next time I use my towel, there's no risk that I'm rubbing day old bum germs on to my face. Hah. I'm so clever.

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