Monday, 3 October 2016

Two natural deodorants that work for sensitive skin

How's that for a long title? I did try to think of something witty but as you can tell, I came up empty handed.

For years I've been on the hunt for an effective natural deodorant that doesn't irritate my sensitive pits. Anything with bicarb soda in it is out as it's way too irritating. There have been a few natural deodorants that didn't irritate my pits (MooGoo and those crystal stone ones), but they didn't provide effective odour relief. I've finally found two natural deodorants that don't irritate and disguise odour!

The first is Lavanila Sport Luxe. The regular Lavanila works for me but I need to reapply it during the day. Sport Luxe works all day without the need for reapplication. It does contain bicarb soda, but not enough to cause any reaction. I've used the whole tube with no adverse reactions.

Sport Luxe absorbs quickly, smells lovely (like vanilla) and keeps me odour free all day. If I sweat a lot I do feel wet, but there is no odour. A 26g tube costs $26. 

The second and my holy grail deodorant is from The Physic Garden. They're a Melbourne company who produce natural, vegan products. I got to test out their new sensitive deodorant and am now impatiently waiting until I can buy a full sized pot. 

I've only used stick deodorants in the past, so it took me a few goes to get the hang of using a cream deodorant, but once I'd figured out the right amount to use it was easy. I take out a pea sized amount with my fingernail and rub it under my arms, that's it. The deodorant feels really creamy, absorbs quickly and is undetectable within five minutes. Normally with natural deodorants I feel wet during the day, but with Sensitive Deodorant I didn't experience any wetness. 

The scent is very subtle to the point of being almost undetectable. There is no bicarb soda or essential oils to ensure there is no irritation for those with sensitive pits. 

Have you found an effective natural deodorant for sensitive pits?

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