Friday, 8 January 2016

FFS Friday - Poo hunt

Those of you who have been following the Sephora Saga will not be surprised to know that it continues. FFS.

They've now given me a pile of information that I'm going to need to fill in the form they'll give me when they come to pick up the eye shadow. FFS.

According to Toll I was given a form the first time they came over. I wasn't. FFS.

The first time they came over I wasn't at home and all I got was a Sorry We Missed You card. FFS.

So this time when they come to pick up the eye shadow they'll bring the form and I'm expected to fill it out then they'll take the package. FFS.

What's the bet they don't take it? FFS.

If they don't take it this time it's going in the bin. FFS.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Never again will I shop with Sephora online.

This week was poo week. It's been a while so I suppose we were due for it. Thankfully it occurred whilst Tiger's home. FFS/Not FFS.

Sunday Eljay comes walking in to the room and tells me he needs to do a poo. 

He was wearing undies so I asked him if he needed to do a poo and he tells me that the poo is all gone now. FFS.

Then he tells me he has poo on his finger. WTF? FFS.

I look at his finger and sure enough, there's poo on it. There's also a streak of poo on his leg. FFS.

Turns out he's done a poo, stuck his finger in his pants to check if there's a poo and got poo all over his finger. FFS.

Whilst I'm cleaning him up Tiger discovers that he's tried to get the poo off his finger by wiping in on the wall. FFS.

Wednesday morning Eljay was having a nudie run. 

I was on the loo doing a poo myself and he came in and told me that the poo was "all gone now". FFS.

Once again I discovered poo all down his legs and on his feet. FFS.

Then Tiger and I had to search the house to find where he'd done the poo because he wouldn't tell us. FFS.

He'd hidden behind the door in the theatre room and poo'd all over the carpet. FFS.

Tiger got to clean that up whilst I cleaned up Eljay. FFS.

That afternoon Chai was swimming in the pool when he came racing in telling me he was busting to do a poo. In the time it took me to undo his swimming vest he poo'd himself. FFS.

It leaked out of this pants, all over his legs and feet. FFS.

Thankfully it didn't worry him at all and he happily announced to his Aunty and cousins that he'd done a poo in his pants. Hehe. We hosed him off, put clean bathers on him and he was straight back in the pool. Not FFS.

As far as poonami's go, this lot wasn't too bad. 

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