Friday, 15 January 2016

FFS Friday - The end?

FFS Friday has been going for a while now and I'm starting to wonder if it's time to put it to bed. What do you all think? 
I'd been planning on stopping it last year but then I got a hater comment that spurred me to continue, haha. FFS Friday is supposed to be a humorous look at the challenging parts of my week but lately it's been feeling rather unfunny and just whingey, which is not how it's supposed to be. So people, I need to know, does FFS Friday stay or go? 

For this week it's staying because I have things to whine about.

I'm still scrubbing the floor. FFS.

Not only am I scrubbing the bits I haven't done yet, I'm also going back over the bits I've already done cause they're dirty again. FFS.

Surely it's reasonable to expect my family not to walk on my clean floor ever again? Strangely enough they think I'm being unreasonable. FFS.

After getting stuck in Bali at the start of November, we've been waiting for our insurance claim to be processed. FFS.

It was finally processed this week but they only paid half of our food bill. FFS.

When Tiger called to question that they told us that they don't normally pay any food however they'd decided to pay 50% of the food costs as a favour to people. When Tiger told them that our policy clearly states that they do pay for food they were very surprised and said they'd have to check with the trustee. They got back to us and said that their lawyers needed to look at it "to check the wording". FFS.

I don't know why they needed to check the wording, the policy clearly says "We will pay for accommodation, food and other expenses up to $300 per day". Seems pretty clear to me. I was all ready to go to the Ombudsman however they got back to us the next day and said they'd pay all of our food expenses. Not FFS.

Cheeky buggers, I reckon they were hoping we wouldn't read the policy documents. I wonder how many people they ripped off. FFS.

This week was fly out day for Tiger. FFS.

No matter what I do it's always an emotional day for the boys so I try to keep them as busy as I can after Tiger leaves. My nephews came over not long after Tiger left which I thought would be perfect as it'd keep the boys happy. It didn't turn out like that. FFS.

Usually they'll stay for a few hours, they'll all play together and it's great. Not this week. This week both my nephews were in surly moods. All they wanted to do was play on their tablets. Poor Chai got all upset because his cousins were here and wouldn't play with him, he ended up more upset than he was before they came over. FFS.

Thankfully Dad came over a bit later and that cheered him up. Not FFS.

It isn't long until the school holidays are over so once again I'm lamenting the loss of my little boy and dreaming about selling everything, buying a fun bus and running away so that I can keep my boys with me forever. Seems reasonable to me. Tiger is still unconvinced. FFS.

Now it's time for a vote. Does FFS Friday live to see another week or is this its last hurrah?


  1. I practically live for your FFS Friday posts. They are hilarious! I've never come across anyone who has cleaned up as much child poo as yourelf yet you still manage to maintain your sense of humor. I hope you continue posting.


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