Thursday, 7 January 2016

2016 skin and hair care inventory

After I finished my make-up inventory I decided I'd do a skin and hair care inventory. Knowing exactly what I've got makes things so much easier, I don't have to hunt around, I can check my list and immediately know if I need to replace something or if I've already got it in my stash. I did a huge skin and hair care cull last year so things aren't too bad. Having said that, I still have way too many of just about everything. My plan is that by the end of this year I'll have things down to a much more manageable level. 

As with my make-up inventory, I counted travel sizes and samples as one product, which makes it seem like I have a lot more than I do. I'm going to use up the samples first, so my numbers should go down quite quickly at first.

71 body lotions
2 body scrubs
14 shower gels
6 fake tans
34 face moisturisers (day and night)
11 face scrubs/exfoliators
12 cleansers
4 make-up removers/face wipes
8 toners
13 face mists
52 serums
25 eye creams
24 face masks
23 hand creams
2 foot products
8 deodorants
27 hair styling products
8 shampoos
7 conditioners
15 hair treatments/oils etc

Whilst I was doing my skin care inventory I discovered a few products that I missed in my make-up inventory so I've updated that post.

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