Saturday, 2 January 2016

FFS Friday - Cinderella

What a great way to start the year, with an FFS Friday post! Hah, here's another way to start the year, forgetting to publish my FFS Friday post. FFS.

So last week, at the end of a very long, hot day, my power partially went out. FFS.

The air-conditioner and tv worked but nothing else did. FFS/Not FFS.

I checked the meter box and found that a switch had tripped so I turned it back on and still didn't have full power. FFS.

The neighbours had full power so I rang my Dad for suggestions. He thought that Western Power might have started rationing power due to the heat. FFS.

I called them and they said that the error was with my house and I'd need to call an electrician. 5.15pm a few days before Christmas is not a good time to need an electrician. FFS.

I called a few but they didn't answer. FFS.

I thought I'd just leave it until the next morning then I remembered that a hot night and no power to the fridge and freezer would be a very bad thing. FFS.

I turned off all our appliances and went around checking to see if I could see any damaged power boards or power points but they all looked okay. FFS.

I went out to the meter box, turned all the switches off and back on again then went back inside. Still no power. FFS.

The boys were alternating between complaining because they were hungry and asking me 1,000 questions about what I was doing. FFS.

Dad called for an update and when I told him it still wasn't fixed he called his electrician. Not FFS.

A few minutes later Dad turned up. Bless him. Not FFS.

He came through the house with me, checked all the power points etc then we went out to the meter box. He switched all the switches off and back on again. We went back inside and the power was on again. FFS.

How the hell does that work? He did exactly what I'd done and it worked for him?! Stupid meter box!

By that time it was 7.45pm and the boys hadn't had dinner. FFS.

I managed to have them both fed and in bed by 8.30pm. Not FFS.

At 10pm I remembered we were supposed to have gone to my sister in law's house for dinner. FFS.

I'm pretty sure I've finally lost my mind. FFS.

For reasons I can't explain I decided to start cleaning my floor tiles by hand. FFS.

They're textured so the steam mop doesn't clean them properly. FFS.

I cleaned a whole row of them (37 tiles) which took me two hours. FFS.

Seeing one clean row really annoyed me so every day I cleaned a few more until eventually I had the whole kitchen done. Not FFS.

I cleaned each one by sitting down and scrubbing it with a brush, then drying it. It took ages. FFS.

After I'd spent at least five hours cleaning the tiles like that I realised I could get it done a lot quicker using the broom. FFS.

The only parts of our house not tiled are the bedrooms and theatre room. FFS. 

I'm going to be cleaning tiles for a week. FFS.

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