Thursday, 10 May 2012


Thanks to Product Talk at Nuffnang, I had the opportunity to try a new nappy cream for bub. It arrived at the perfect time as bub had a nappy rash that I couldn't get rid of. My normal nappy rash creams weren't working and the Dr had told me that I'd need to use a cortisone cream, which I didn't want to do.
I decided to give Yumbums a go before using the cortisone cream and I'm so glad I did because it cleared up bubs nappy rash within a few days!
This is quite a thick balm that provides a great coating that lasts all night on bub. The first time I used it was at night and by the morning his rash was looking a lot less irritated and sore. I used it at every nappy change throughout that day and by the end of the day the rash was barely noticeable. By the end of the next day the nappy rash was totally gone.

Now that I've got rid of bubs nappy rash I'm using Yumbums at night and every second nappy change. As it's quite thick it lasts well so I find I don't need to use it at every nappy change.
Yumbums is all natural and doesn't contain any nasties, so I can use it on bub without worrying about doing him harm. It was created by Melbourne naturopath Gali Lenko. A 50ml pot costs $18.50 and can be purchased from their website.

I'll definitely be buying another tub of Yumbums when mine runs out!

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