Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Botani Olive Skin Serum

This year is turning out to be a year of Holy Grails. I've found my holy grail concealer, eye cream and now I've found my holy grail serum/moisturiser. I love this serum because it takes the place of three products. Instead of using a serum, moisturiser and primer I now use one product, Botani Olive Skin Serum.
I wish I'd had this last year when I had a newborn. After I had bub my skin care routine really suffered, I just didn't have the time or the energy to be applying three or more skin care products to my face every morning. I was just using a tinted moisturiser and whilst I love tinted moisturisers at my age I need to be using anti-aging products too.

That's where Olive Skin Serum would have been perfect. Since I've been using this my skin feels amazing. It feels a lot softer and smoother and I'm sure my fine lines are reducing. As an added bonus it can be used on the eye area too, so really that means it could replace four products. Even better, it's cheap. A 15ml bottle costs $31.95. When I add up what I'd usually spend on serum, moisturiser and primer, this is about a third of the cost.

I've been using this daily for over two months now and haven't even used a quarter of the bottle. It only takes 4 drops to cover my face, neck and chest. To avoid overuse I've found the best application technique is to put four drops on my palms, rub my hands together and then press the serum onto my skin.

I have normal to dry skin and this works well for me. It's light, hydrating and my skin doesn't feel dry half way through the day. I'm not sure how this would go for someone with oily skin, I suspect it may be a little too hydrating.

Botani says: Pure Plant Skin Solutions. Olive Skin Serum, a non greasy, highly penetrative 100% botanical serum containing pure plant anti-oxidants, squalene (extracted from olives) vitamin c and e to nourish and revitalise.
Appropriate for delicate, sensitive skin types, sun damaged, mature ageing, problematic skin. Combats dryness, heals scars, softens fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for delicate eye area.

Botani is dedicated to caring for the individual and enabling every customer to experience the pleasure of continuous skin health and beauty.
Botani is all natural, eco friendly, against animal testing.
Botani does not contain: petrochemicals or mineral oils, benzoyl peroxide, parabens or propylene glycol, sulphates or detergents, animal derived ingredients, synthetic emulsifiers and fillers, artificial fragrances or colourants.

In my effort to use more natural products, I'm impressed that Olive Skin Serum only contains four products, all of which I can pronounce. 

Botani products are available from Priceline.

Would I buy this? Yes, I'll definitely be purchasing another bottle when mine runs out.

Ingredients: squalene (olive), vitamin c (ascorbic acid), vitamin e (tocopherol), lecithin.

This product was provided to me for consideration.

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