Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Project 50 Pan Update

Well it's been nearly four weeks since I started P50P and I am happy to report that I haven't bought anything! I've been tempted a few times but a quick text message to Karen sets me straight again. She is harsh and won't let me buy anything!

Amazingly I've already finished six products and one of them is an eyeliner! I'm so pleased to have finished a make-up item, I'm hoping to finish at least five make-up items whilst doing P50P. It takes me forever to use up make-up, so what I'm doing is using the same products all the time now. It saves a lot of time in the morning and it means I will actually use things up.

Here's my tally so far:

Items finished: 6
Items bought: 0


  1. You're doing such a good job! I am so bad at not buying stuff, it's ridiculous how the words 'spending ban' mean nothing to me! I'm still trying though!!

    1. I'm usually really bad too but this time I'm determined! Plus, knowing lots of other people are doing it helps too.

  2. I'm really proud of us! Lol! Must say it feels like an eternity since I have bought anything. I hit pan on my Stila Sheer Face Powder yesterday and I was so excited. I never finish any makeup products either. I am going to aim for 5 in this project also.

    I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the O&M Shampoo. I've only even used a thickening spritz and Frizzy Logic from O&M.

    Thanks for getting me in on this. It is something I urgently needed to do. It feels so good to be finishing things! Kxo

    1. I'm so proud of us too, we've done so well! It does feel like forever since I've bought anything.

      Wow, you hit pan on a face powder? That's impressive. I don't remember the last time I finished a face powder, I'm sure they refill overnight.

      I absolutely love the O&M shampoo, it's my holy grail. Once P50P is over I'll be getting some more!

  3. Good work! Keep it up love! I am so bad at not buying stuff!

    Sharleena xx

  4. I panned two products with another 3 running low. Normally I would be sad but I am loving this challenge and looking forward to a restock at the end.

    Keep up the good work x


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