Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dear Chai

Today you are 14 months old. You look different today, your face is leaner. You have turned into a real little boy. You don't look like a baby now, you look so grown up. Every day you look more and more like Dad, people are always telling us that you look exactly like your father.

This month you are all about being chased, dancing, putting lids on and putting things away in drawers, bins and the washing basket. You also love singing and will sing the Hokey Pokey with Dad.

You love being chased. We chase you, your toys, books and anything else you can find chases you. You'll put something in our hands then run a few steps, turn around to check that we're chasing you then you race off. At a guess I'd say we spend a few hours a day chasing you. Your favourite things to run away from are your Nemo fish (you love it when he swims after you) and your Taz book.

Another one of your favourite games is hiding things behind you back. You'll get something, hide it behind your back and then say ohhhhh. We'll ask you where the item is and with a big grin you'll bring it out from behind your back. If you can't find anything to hide behind your back you'll use your hand. You play this game for ages and think it's so much fun.

You are very vocal and communicate well. You can say Bubba, Dad, Mum, Nanna and up. You can also make lots of new sounds. Every day you come out with a new sound. 

You now enjoy going for a walk in your pram and you love your new tricycle. You get so excited when you go out in your tricycle, every time you see someone you scream and wave excitedly, it's adorable. You also like to stop and touch the plants that we go past. Usually if you can tear off some of the leaves you'll eat them too (you eat everything!)

You are so quick, you run everywhere and look so cute toddling around. Now that you can walk you love exploring. You'll go outside and run around for ages. Grandma and Grandad let you run around the shopping centre for an hour and by the time you got home you were so tired your legs were all wobbly, but that didn't stop you running around! 

Your sleep was really bad for two weeks after you were immunised but is now back to normal. It won't be long until you are out of the cot and in a bed, you're nearly too big for the cot and you wriggle around a lot.

Your favourite toys are: Nemo, your trains, Woofie (your dog Pillow Pet), Scout and balloons.

Your favourite books are: Taz, I See Me and The Yellow Car.

Dad and I can't imagine our lives without you, you are the sunshine in our day and the light in our lives.

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