Friday, 18 May 2012

FFS Friday

Happy Friday everyone! We've made it through another week. That means we are another week closer to christmas. I bet some of you have already bought all your christmas presents. I have a friend like that, she's so organised it's sickening. But enough of that, it's time for my weekly whinge!

For the past few weeks changing bubs nappy has been really difficult. Every time I go to change him he wraps his legs around my arm in what looks suspiciously like an arm bar. FFS.
I mentioned this to hubby who proudly announced that he taught bub how to do an arm bar. FFS.

What a bloody brilliant idea! Teach bub to do an arm bar so that I can't change his nappy. FFS!!!!!

BIL has now got sucked into pyramid selling. FFS.

As they do with pyramid selling, he's trying to suck us into it too. FFS.

He called Saturday night when we were trying to change and feed bub and ranted on for ages. FFS.

You'd think the sound of bub screaming in the background would have given him the hint, but it didn't. FFS.

Eventually hubby told him we had to go cause we were having trouble with bub, so BIL decided that he wanted to talk to bub. FFS.

Really not sure why he wanted to talk to a screaming baby. FFS.

Without checking with us he gave our details so that someone can visit us to talk to us about pyramid selling. FFS.

All we have to do is get 21 people to shop online and we'll get $4000 a month indefinitely. Sure. FFS.

He's doing the hard sell on hubby, using those typical blackmail techniques that pyramid sellers use "well if you don't want financial freedom". FFS.

Sunday afternoon I had some very rare free time so was trying to quickly get a blog post done. I went to upload a photo only to be told that I've gone over my photo limit for the blog so can't upload any more photos. FFS.

Cue major panic and thoughts of having to stop blogging as I can't post any more photos. FFS.

I seem to be turning into a drama queen, in my past life I would have calmly and rationally thought of a way around the photo problem. FFS.

Think I've turned into a drama queen because I only have a limited amount of time to fix problems, instead of having the luxury of taking as long as I want to sort out a solution. FFS.

Right on cue, hubby comes home and wants to know why I haven't started preparing dinner. FFS.

Luckily for him I had no weapons in reaching distance. FFS.

Not sure why I had no weapons in reaching distance, will have to remedy that. FFS.

My temper is telling me it's time I go back to martial arts before I do serious damage to hubby someone. FFS.

Monday hubby had an RDO so we were back at the Telstra shop. FFS.

They said it'd take 15 minutes. 1 hour and 15 minutes later we left the store. FFS.

If I never go back to the Telstra store again it'll be too soon. FFS.

Poor bub is sick at the moment. FFS.

He has croup and it's been getting worse so he had to have steroids. FFS.

Monday I had a very exciting phone call about something that I've wanted for a long time now. I won't find out if it's going to happen until next week. FFS.

Meanwhile it's all I can think about. FFS.

As if to prove my suspicion that hubby is going crazy, Tuesday night he decides that bub's cot is possessed and that this is the reason that he doesn't sleep well. FFS.

Wednesday BILs fiance rings to talk to me about the pyramid selling thing. FFS.

With impeccable timing, bub is once again screaming as he's ready to go to sleep. FFS.

After listening to him scream for ten minutes BILs fiance gets the idea that it might not be a good time for me to talk. FFS.

I somehow managed to forget that today is Friday. FFS.

When I realised I quickly rushed to get my FFS Friday post finished as I know you are all holding your breath waiting for my post (hehehe). FFS.

My computer wouldn't turn on! FFS.

After having a minor panic that my Drama Queen hubby would have been proud of, I calm down and realise it's not plugged in. FFS.

I plug my computer in and it still won't start! FFS.

I get the blue screen of death telling me my computer won't start. FFS.

Thanks computer for pointing out what I'd already noticed. FFS.

Luckily I ran some diagnostics and now my computer is running fine. FFS.

Clearly it just wanted to start my day with a heart attack. Nice. FFS.

MIL and FIL are here at the moment. MIL just walked out wearing hubbys pj pants. FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. Bahaha - MIL just walked out wearing Hubby's PJ pants. That is gold. And also therapy-inducing. My hubby would scream like a girl and demand to immediately burn said pants if he found out his mother had ever worn anything of his. Which is actually a brilliant way for me to convince him to get rid of his dodgy 80's gear....

    1. Good plan, just tell hubby his mum wore all the clothes you don't like and then he'll throw them out! MIL said that she picked up the pants thinking they were mine. FFS.

  2. Classic! Come over for some TKD or BJJ. Haven't had a great spar for ages! Bring the pjs!

    1. TKD and BJJ aren't my strong points, how about some Muay Thai or Arnis?

  3. Hmmm... pyramid selling... babies screaming. Sounds awesome!
    I feel for you that you have no weapons within grabbing distance. I suggest a cup of coffee for you, then you can remedy that situation. x

    1. I have now strategically placed weapons throughout the house to ensure I always have something within reaching distance. Look out hubby!

  4. These posts just amuse me so much. I don't mean to be laughing at your misfortune but honestly, I can't believe some of this stuff but I know it's all true. i love it.

    1. Haha, as crazy as it sounds there's no way I could make this stuff up.

  5. I love these posts. But they do make my life feel rather uneventful... not that I want to deal with pyramid schemes and possessed cots! x


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