Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thankful Thursday

It occurred to me that my Friday posts often paint hubby in a bad light when in truth he's pretty well behaved most of the time. It's just unfortunate for him that every time he sets a foot wrong I quickly document it for FFS Friday. So I thought it was high time I start doing Thankful Thursday. I'm not sure who thought up the concept of Thankful Thursday, but whoever you are, thanks!

Last week hubby has came home early from work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. He was home by 4.30 pm which was so nice. He's not usually home until 6pm. It's amazing the difference him getting home a few hours earlier makes.

Bub is now fully recovered from his cold/croup and back to his cheeky self.

After being sick bub is back to his usual sleeping routine and only waking up twice a night. I'm working on getting him to sleep straight through, hopefully that will happen soon.

I like to make plans for our future and have goals to look forward to. Since we've had bub we haven't had any clear plans for our future. Hubby and I have finally sat down and made some clear plans for our future that I'm really happy about. It's nice to have something to aim for again. 

We've decided that we're moving down south. I've been craving a simpler life for a while now. I know it's possible to have a simpler life whilst living in the city, however it's a lot easier to have a simpler life in the country. Plus, my family are down there and bub will be able to see his cousins and Poppy every week.

Tuesday night I went to see the Backstreet Boys (and New Kids on the Block). The concert was amazing. I was lucky enough to get a free ticket! It's the first night I've been out with a friend since bub arrived and it was great.

I'm sure I have plenty more to be thankful for, but that's all I can think of at the moment (other than the usual life, family, health, love etc). FFS.

Couldn't help myself, had to slip that in there :o)


  1. Love fbis, it's so easy to forget the great little things each day. A move down south sounds fabulous x

  2. Love this! Ffs typos!

  3. wow, it's good to mention the things you should be thankful of: thanks for sharing


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