Friday, 11 May 2012

FFS Friday

Friday is here again, everyone's favourite day of the week!

People seem to like my Friday post more than my beauty posts, not sure if I should be pleased or upset about that. FFS.

I finally got the stupid Bob2 answering machine working. It told me all the messages were from 2005. FFS.

We've only had Bob2 for 3 months. FFS.

I'm pretty sure there was no such thing as Bob2 in 2005. FFS.

The stupid thing is useless. FFS.

Every time I try to make a phone call I get the engaged signal, yet if I call with my mobile the number isn't engaged. FFS.

It's 12.08pm on Friday the 4th of May and I've already started writing this post. FFS.

Thanks to HB it has been bought to my attention that there is a strong possibility the neighbours are manufacturing a dirty bomb in the sea container. FFS.

Great, so I'm living next door to terrorists not drug dealers. FFS.

I would have preferred to live next door to drug dealers. FFS.

In the early hours of Saturday morning I got gastro again. FFS.

I'm starting to think it's not gastro, because it's happening so often. FFS.

Saturday night at 8.50pm BIL called. FFS.

He wanted to know what bub was doing because he misses him and wanted to talk to him. FFS.

He was surprised to hear that he was in bed! FFS.

Monday hubby finished work early. Instead of letting me know he decided to sneak into the house and surprise us. FFS.

Surprising someone who lives in a house full of weapons is not a very clever idea. FFS.

Bub and I were in our bedroom which is at the back of the house, so didn't hear hubby come inside. FFS.

It wasn't until he was standing in the hallway that I realised there was someone in the house. FFS.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye and was reaching for my arnis sticks as I turned and saw it was hubby. FFS.

Only then did he realise how close he'd come to having 2 sticks launched at his head. FFS.

He really should know better than to surprise me like that, next time he might not escape with all body parts intact. FFS.

Bub has had a runny nose for the last few days. FFS.

He hates having his nose wiped and has discovered that it's much better to wipe the snot all over me, that way I don't need to wipe his nose. FFS.

My washing pile is now huge as all my clothes have snot embedded in them. FFS.

As if it's not bad enough that bub is spreading his snot everywhere, he's also had diarrhea for the last few days so his poo is everywhere too. FFS.

And if you are thinking I mean a little bit of diarrhea, I don't. I mean the 'leak out of the nappy, down his legs and up his back' kind of thing. FFS.

No matter how many times I wash my hands I can't get the smell of poo off them. FFS. 

I haven't been able to log into Draw Something for about four weeks now. FFS.

Mum's been coming up once a week for the last few weeks and apart from the toilet reading, it's been great. On Sunday she's going away for four weeks which means if I need help I'll have to call the In Laws. FFS.

Thursday I got a letter from Video Ezy. Thanks to hubby returning videos late again, I once again have late charges. FFS.

Just because they can, they decided to add $15 onto the account. FFS.

Gotta remember to cancel that membership! FFS.

Dear Baby G


  1. Happy Friday FFS!This is so funny and clever! Lmao @ your neighbour - the joys of living in Australia haha.

  2. I can't seem to get Draw Something set up in such a way that my three year old doesn't stuff up all my games - people have stopped playing me - maybe I should give him his own Draw Something account so I can play with him... Bob2 sounds like a PITA!


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