Friday, 5 August 2011

One Handed Lip Balms

It's amazing all the little things that change when a baby arrives. For example, I now find myself requiring lip balms that can be opened with one hand. Who would have ever thought that would be a necessity? Maybe to someone who isn't obsessed with lip balm and doesn't have dry lips, it wouldn't be a necessity, but to me it is. So for anyone else who requires one handed lip balms, here's my list:
CO Bigelow lemon and raspberry
Mode de Vie espresso
Coco Zen chocolate covered coconut
All Lavera balms
Nivea balms - The milk and honey balm is lovely
Weleda Everon - Not a favorite of mine
ROC Enydrial


  1. i really like the nivea starfruit... it's so shiny :)

  2. Cute post, you made me laugh! The Nivea milk and honey balm looks yummy (:

  3. great post! i like using "one handed lip balms" aswell, because im always in a rush!
    Grace xx

  4. I really love the Nivea lip balms! The whole nivea range is actually one of my favorite skin care brands. The Nivea Visage Cream Cleanser (white bottle) and Visage Toner is a never-fail for me! I've also recently enjoyed using the Nivea Q10 Day Cream, Night Cream and Q10 Toning Moisturiser. I struggled as a teenager with skin care and spent years swapping and changing my cleanser and toners... I found great success with the Nivea Visage and love that I simply apply it with a cotton square and then tone and moisturise! If you havent tried it, I personally reccommend it!


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