Monday, 29 August 2011

Splurge Lip Buttah

In my last Addicted 2 Lip Balm order I purchased the Splurge Lip Buttah in Orange Chocolate. It's an all natural balm that I've been wanting to try for ages. I promised one of my lovely readers Christine that I would do this review last week, sorry it's late Christine! She also told me that Splurge make body care products, which I'd love to try. 

Splurge Lip Buttah comes in a cute oval tube. Oval tubes are new to me, I've discovered that I really like them. They don't roll away when I put them down, they fit into my pocket easily and the oval shape means that they are easy to apply on my lips. 

But enough about the tube. This is a really nice balm. It's quite waxy in texture, but it's a nice waxy, similar to the texture of Burt's Bees mango butter lip balm. I find this to be very moisturising and often use it as a night time balm as it lasts so long on my lips and I wake up with soft, smooth lips.

The flavour is lovely too. Amazingly I've never had an orange chocolate balm before, which is strange considering I love orange chocolate. Anyhow, the flavour is exactly like orange chocolate.    

I purchased my Splurge Lip Buttah from Addicted 2 Lip Balm for $7.95 (AUD).

Will I buy this again? Yes, it's a beautiful, natural lip balm. 

Ingredients: babassu oil, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, organic castor oil, sweet orange essential oil, vitamin e. 

Photo courtesy of Addicted 2 Lip Balm.


  1. I'm yet to try this - you have me convinced! Orange Chocolate sounds divine - thank you for reviewing!

  2. my best friend would LOVE this, she adores chocolate orange flavor :) sounds nourishing and nice

    Vonnie of

  3. Oval packaging! To be honest, I've never had an oval lip balm...It sounds like the best idea. Manufacturers should change lip balms into oval packaging!
    Orange chocolate flavor sounds wonderful especially if it tastes like it. :)


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