Monday, 1 August 2011

July Empties

I'm sure July only lasted for two weeks, it went by so quickly. Before I know it December will be here. 

I didn't finish many products this month, but I managed to finish up a face powder, which I'm very pleased about. It's so rare for me to finish any make-up items that I get really excited when I do. I also have a few tosses.

L'oreal Infinium hairspray - I really liked this. It has great hold, doesn't make my hair sticky and can be brushed out.

Mum To Be Organics stretch mark oil - This was good but not one of my favourites.

Napoleon Camera Finish Powder foundation - A lovely powder. Applied with a brush it's okay, but when applied with a sponge it makes me look flawless.

Nivea Triple Action moisturiser - This is very rich, great for winter.

Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara - I like this mascara for every day use. It doesn't do anything dramatic which is why it's perfect for daytime. 

Nivea Calm and Care deodorant - I used this in summer and it was totally ineffective. I thought it might be okay for winter but it's not, it's a crap deodorant.

Smashbox cream eye liner palette - Love this palette and I'll buy another one if they are still available. I had to throw it out because one of the liners went mouldy - gross!


  1. Shame about the deodorant :(
    How amazing is Napoleon Camera Finish!? I'd have to say it's one of my HG powders.

  2. i hate how cream liners go all yuck after a while -.-

  3. I am pretty impressed that you were able to use up even 4 items (especially since one is a makeup item, which I agree the length of time it takes to finish them defies the laws of physics) Considering you have a new born at home your time is probably pretty limited.

  4. Ooh I want to try that powder now!

    I also found that deodorant a complete joke - did not work for me AT ALL. So disappointing.


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