Monday, 15 August 2011

P50P Update

Slowly but surely I am finishing up lip products. I've been tempted by quite a few products, such as the limited edition Juicy Tubes, YSL's new Rouge Volupte Sheer Shines and the Bloom Boost Juice lip balms. By some miracle I've stayed strong despite the temptation. Sometimes I even amaze myself, hehe.  

The products I've finished recently are: Planter's citrus lip balm, Lancome Primordiale Optimum Levres, Covergirl Outlast lipstain and Nutrimetics lip treatment. 

My tally is now:

Lipsticks finished: 0
Lip glosses finished: 1
Lip balms finished: 7
Lip stains finished: 1
Total products finished: 9

Lipsticks purchased: 0
Lip glosses purchased: 0
Lip balms purchased: 0
Total products purchased: 0

Number of products to go until P50P is finished: 41


  1. nice work! I'm on a makeup no spend until IMATS though admittedly tempted by the ysl sheer candy/new juicy tubes too :)

  2. welldone!! i havnt even finished one lip balm!
    Grace xx

  3. great work!! Still struggling to finish my first balm lol

  4. New stuff is always super tempting! But go you for using up so much, and staying strong to not purchasing stuff.


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