Sunday, 28 August 2011

Motherhood musings

Bub is now five and a half months old. It's quite amazing to look at how my life has changed since he arrived. The time when it was just me and hubby seems like it was years ago and I barely remember what life was like before we had bub. I still can't believe that he's here and that he's ours, I look at him in amazement every day.

Being a mum is such a full on job and I know it's only going to get more full on as bub becomes more active, but I love every second of it. It won't be long till he's crawling, he's trying his best but is not quite there yet. He can move backwards but hasn't realised that he's doing it or that it means he can get around.

I still have heaps of weight to lose, seven to ten kilos. Ten kilos to get to my ideal weight and nine kilos to get to my pre pregnancy weight. I'm not sure what weight I'm aiming for just yet. I figure my boobs probably weigh a kilo so maybe I should just aim to lose seven kilos. When I can fit back into my jeans I'll be happy. 

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