Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Time saving products for busy Mums: Cleansers

Face of Australia make-up remover - This is a magic product. It is a dual phase liquid that takes off all make-up, including eye make-up. It's non irritating and only takes one swipe to get all my make-up off. It works so well that I don't even need to double cleanse, I just wipe my face over with a wet face washer afterwards and I'm done. 
Even better, this isn't at all drying or irritating. When I've used this I can get away with not using a night cream.

Dove Foaming make-up remover - Another great, easy to use cleanser. As you probably guessed from the name, this is a foaming cleanser. It's applied to either wet or dry skin and takes off all make-up. I do find that this sometimes stings my eyes, but if I just use a little bit it's fine to use as an eye make-up remover.

MooGoo oil cleanser - This was one of the first oil cleansers that I tried and it's still my favourite. It removes all my make-up, doesn't get in my eyes and as it's an oil I don't need to use a night cream afterwards. 

WotNot face wipes - These are the best facial wipes I've ever used. They are large, super gentle and leave my skin feeling moisturised.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleanser - I love this! It starts out with a gel like texture, then once water is applied it turns to a creamy texture. It removes all my make-up and doesn't dry my skin out.


  1. How good is the Face of Australis makeup remover! A wonder product for me, love it

  2. great post! I love multi tasking cleansers, because im lazy and i hate having to use 4 different products!
    Grace xx


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