Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What do I do with a smudge brush?

I've always wanted a smudge brush cause they look so cute. A few weeks ago I finally bought a Models Prefer one, but now that I've got it I have no idea what to do with it. Can anyone tell me what it's for?

(The brush on the right is amazing! It's the Models Prefer Airbrush Brush. My review is coming up soon.)


  1. Is that a long, oval smudge brush? The only ones I'm familiar with are the rounded ones, such as the MAC 219. I use it to add a crease colour, then blend out with a stiff dome... With that one you've got, it looks like it would be good to apply colour to the crease (to take up) or to add depth by placing a dark colour to the outer edge by vertically placing the brush and bringing it in... Sorry I'm not very good with explaining it! It doesn't really make sense, but I can see it in my mind, lol!

  2. a stubby smudge brush,huh?
    like rin, i'm used to a pencil type of smudge brush.

    i guess that this could be quite good for blending away strong thick lines?!

  3. I've not seen it IRL, but it kinda reminds me of NARS' smudge brush. If it's densely packed, it can be used to line the eyes with dark e/s.

  4. I like using a smudge brush to smoke out colours under my bottom lash line.


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