Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August empties

August has been a huge month for empties, I'm so pleased with myself. I am determined to reduce the size of my stash so it's great to feel like I'm making progress. We've been reorganising our house lately and getting rid of clutter, which leaves me wanting to do the same thing with my collection. I want to get it down to a managable size and then just buy products that I love, instead of having products that I don't really like. That's my problem. When I don't really like something I put it in the cupboard instead of giving it away or throwing it out. If I got rid of the products that I don't really like my stash would be half the size that it is currently. I'm considering making a pile of everything that I don't love and letting my friends come over and take whatever they like. I'd feel much better about doing than rather than throwing things away, I just can't bring myself to throw barely used products away.

But enough of my ramblings, onto the empties.

Bath and Bodyworks Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion: This has a beautiful, flowery scent that I loved.

Andrea Brazillian hard wax: This one isn't empty, but it has gotten to the point where I can't use it anymore. After a while the wax gets really hard and gluggy, so I have to throw it out.

Haus of Gloi Something Hopeful whipped soap: After using this HoG whipped soaps as now my new obsession. The texture is amazing, really creamy and lovely to use.

Orofluido: The lovely Anna gave this to me to try out and I really like it. If I didn't have a heap of other hair smoothing oils waiting for me to use up I'd buy this.

Bath and Bodyworks Sensual Amber body lotion: A nice lotion but Sensual Amber isn't a scent that I'd buy again.

Natio Wellness foot scrub: Love this foot scrub. It wasn't till I got pregnant that I realised the value of a good foot scrub.

Bath and Bodyworks Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion: I used to love this scent, now, not so much.

Endota Spa gel cleanser: This is a beautiful, gentle cleanser. I'll be reviewing it soon.

Gorgeous Cosmetics First Base foundation primer: I've been wanting to try Gorgeous Cosmetics for ages, however they aren't available in WA (so annoying). This is a really nice primer, it feels really hydrating and silky.

Nutrimetics Micro-Dermabrasion Kit Resurfacer: One of my all time favourite face scrubs. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth without being at all irritating. I wish it was available to buy on it's own as I really don't like the moisturiser that comes with it.

Mukti Botanicals hand, nail and cuticle repair cream: This is a very rich, lovely hand cream. I use it at night so that it has time to sink in and do it's magic.

Napoleon Perdis Whole Lotta Lash mascara: I got this free with a magazine a few weeks ago and was in love with it until it went all gluggy and horrible so I had to throw it out. It's a really shame because it's a great product. Considering how quickly it went bad, I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo, conditioner and moisturising treatment masque: I only got one use out of these so can't comment on their effectiveness, however they smell lovely.

Priceline cotton pads: I use these over and over again. They do the trick and are cheap.

Ecopure Lime and Ginger body lotion: This was a wedding present. It smells nice and does the trick, however it's nothing amazing.

Guinot Gentle Face exfoliating cream: Very gentle, for me it was too gentle, I didn't find it scrubby enough.

Artistry Creme L/X: There is no way I'd pay for this, it's not worth the approx $400 that it costs. It's a nice, hydrating night cream, however there are plenty of night creams that do just as good a job and cost under $40.

Make Me Smooth Tahitian Petals perfume: I love this perfume and am upset that I can't buy it anymore. Hubby always tells me I smell nice when I wear this.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream: I'd buy this purely for the lovely rose scent.

Palmer's Rejuvenating Facial Serum: This will be a repurchase for me, it does a great job of keeping my skin looking good. Since I ran out my skin has been rougher and I have started getting a few pimples.

Haus of Gloi Madcap Garden perfume oil: This was included as a sample with one of my orders. Whilst I wouldn't have chosen it myself, the scent is beautiful and I'll be ordering it for sure.


  1. Wow, these are A LOT of products to have finished! Great job on the progress!!! :DDDD
    I know what you mean. I hate to throw out something I've barely used so I've given away quite a few things away to friends!

  2. Wow, you are going to put my August empties post to absolute shame! Great job. =)

  3. I am VERY proud of you lol! :) And it's a great idea about having friends take stuff that you don't like, I'm like you and have a hard time throwing away barely used stuff.

  4. Wow... now that's some empties. I have to try that Palmers serum now.


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