Sunday, 12 January 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. David Jones now stock Gucci lipsticks!

2. Thursday I find out whether I'm having ankle surgery. I can't wait. Patience is not one of my best skills, I hate not knowing what's going to happen.

3. So Harry and Meghan have decided to step down from their roles are senior royals. Can't say I blame them. The way the media has treated Meghan is enough to give her serious mental health issues. Good on them for doing what's right for them and their family.

4. I've introduced a dictatorship in our house. I'm over the boys being monsters so now we have a strict dictatorship. Chai tells me that I'm mean now. I told him if he behaves himself I won't be mean. 
I love the idea of peaceful parenting but it just doesn't work with Chai. Eljay copies what Chai does, so the dictatorship is necessary.

5. I'm on the hunt for a small palette with cool toned, matte shades of lilac, purple, blue and green. If you have any suggestions please send them my way.

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