Friday, 10 January 2020

FFS Friday - Yelling

People really confuse me. I know I think differently to most people, no matter how hard I try I just don't understand most peoples motivation. Things that seem logical to me just aren't logical to other people. 
This week was a perfect example.

I bumped in to a school mum friend. Over the past three years she's been telling me how her son struggles at school and asking how home schooling is going for us. The last year was particularly difficult for her son, they had numerous meetings with the school principal about how her son was struggling, sought professional help etc and nothing helped. 

She was telling me that he's miserable, he hates school, he's put on weight and she struggles to get him to school every day because he hates it so much. He's 6. She's at her wits end and doesn't know how to help him. They've tried everything and still he's miserable.

I suggested to her that she try home schooling him. 

Here is the part that I just don't understand. This was her response:
"But what about me? He'd be with me all the time, how would I get away from him?"

Now, I totally understand the need for time out and her concerns about it, but isn't her son more important? Childhood is such a short period of time, surely you'd do everything you could to make sure your child had a happy and healthy childhood?

What I'm really confused about is when people won't change something that isn't working. If it's in your power to change it, why wouldn't you? If your child is miserable at school, you take them out of school. Simple. 

Obviously it isn't always that easy, but for this particular lady it would be. She doesn't work and doesn't need to work, she has a strong support network, her children are regularly looked after by other people so she'd be able to get the time out that she needed. I just don't understand. 

There are many things in life that we can't change or control, so why not change and control the things that we can? Especially if they are things that could affect the long term mental health of our children?

You know what else I don't understand? The large companies making a big fuss about donating to the fire/wildlife rescue etc. They get a tax deduction on the donations and the amounts a lot of them have donated aren't even a days profit. I've had so many emails this week from large companies saying that they've donated. Are they doing it to help or for publicity? 
Either way every cent helps, but it really seems like a publicity stunt.

Funnily enough, I haven't received one email from a small business who's donated. Now if I got an email from them, that is something to get excited about, because what they're donating is a huge thing well worth praising and celebrating. 

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