Friday, 31 January 2020

FFS Friday - Don't matter

I was talking to a beautiful girl last week and our conversation got me thinking.
She was telling me that she wants to lose 5kgs before she goes on holiday because she'll be in a bikini.

I'm currently 13kgs over the weight that I used to be when I was younger. If I had to set a goal weight to get back to, a while ago it would have been that weight. Now, I'm not so fussed.

Here's what I said to the beautiful girl I was talking to.

Whenever you feel bad about your body go to a gym or the beach. Look around and you'll see all sorts of people of all different sizes. You'll see big people, small people, tall people, short people, round people, long people etc.

Now look what they're doing. If they're at the gym, they're working out. If they're at the beach, they're enjoying themselves. 

How many of them are looking around and thinking critical things about how everyone else looks? Probably none. But just for a minute imagine that they are. Imagine that a random person is sitting there thinking about how awful you look. Do you know them? Will you ever see them again? Is their opinion relevant to you and your life?

So, wear what you want, enjoy your life and stop worrying about how you look because those people who matter don't mind and those people who mind don't matter. 

That's my Ted talk for the day.

I could have been having surgery today. Who's over hearing about my ankle? I'm over it too, so let's not talk about it.

Whilst he was home Tiger decided to take Chai off his medication. It's going okay, but things always do when Tiger is home. The test will be when he's gone back to work. What's the bet it'll all fall apart and I'll be left to deal with the mess as usual?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. 

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