Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Frank Body Stimulating Scalp Scrub

Since I'm slightly obsessed with body scrubs, it's no surprised that I jumped at the chance to purchase Frank Body's new scalp scrub.

I've been wanting to try a scalp scrub for a while but couldn't find one that was reasonably priced. I did consider using a coffee scrub in my hair but the thought of how messy it would be put me off. Now that I've used the Frank scrub I can see that using a coffee scrub wouldn't work as well. I'm sure it'd scrub, but the Frank one is cleansing too, which means I can use it in place of shampoo.

I'm really happy with the Frank Body scalp scrub, it's extremely messy but feels great. Who knew that a scalp scrub would feel so good? 

It has a refreshing eucalyptus scent that smells lovely and feels cooling on my skin (but not on my scalp).

Unsurprisingly it's quite messy, I need to rinse twice to get it all out of my hair and usually find a few more bits when I'm conditioning.  

I was expecting this to be just a scrub that I'd use before shampoo but it cleanses so well that I don't need to shampoo after I've used it. I usually do shampoo just to help get the scrub out because the little grains are everywhere.

It's not an easy product to use. Frank Body say to part your hair, rub it in and then part another section of hair. That sounds easy but when you're in the shower with wet hair it's not so easy. I just put a little bit on my fingertips and rub it onto my scalp.  

Afterwards my hair feels very soft and clean. I use this once a week and have found that I can go longer between washes.

I purchased my Stimulating Scalp Scrub from the Frank Body website in a set with the hair mask for $34.95.

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