Sunday, 30 June 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. I don't know what to talk about today. It's been a long week, Chai has really struggled at being housebound because of the rain. When Chai struggles, we all struggle, it's not much fun. Wednesday part of our fence blew down in the windy weather. Naturally Tiger isn't here, because these things never happen when he's home. 
It's not a part of the fence that I could just leave because it meant that our pool was open and anyone from the street could get to it which is illegal. Naturally the insurance company was closed, so I rang back the next day and thankfully they came out and put up a temporary fence. The problem is that now people can see into our back yard and our house. I hate it, I feel really exposed. I'm all about privacy and hate that people can see into my private space.

2. Today we're going to help a friend pack. She's moving into town. I'll miss having her just around the corner.

3. I've been very lazy lately and not wearing much make-up. 90% of the time I haven't been wearing make-up at all. I thought I looked okay until yesterday when both the boys told me that I'm beautiful but I look better with make-up on. Hahaha, gotta love kids.

4. Butt masks are now a thing and I just don't understand. Are you supposed to lay there on your belly, with no pants on and a mask on your butt? Why? I'm confused. 
There's one that's illuminating. Don't know about you but I've always wanted an illuminated butt.

5. Lip gloss is back and I'm thrilled. I never stopped wearing it, but I'm loving all the new glosses that are available. 

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