Tuesday, 4 June 2019

May empties

I'm really not doing well with empties lately which is strange because I'm using the same products all the time, just not finishing anything.

I've been quite lazy with my make-up routine, I use my skin care but can't be bothered with make-up, it's too much effort removing it at night so I don't put it on. How's that for laziness, haha.

I'm making an effort to finish all my shower gels so that I can switch to soap bars as they're more eco friendly. I have a pretty good stock of shower gels so it's going to take a while.

I did manage to finish a few bath and body items, let's check them out.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Cocoa Butter Body Wash
I loved this, it's hydrating, gentle and smells amazing. 

Natio Rosewater Hydration Gentle Cream-Gel Face Cleanser
My all time favourite face cleanser. I love the scent and how gentle this is on my skin. 

Nutrimetics Loofah Shower Gel
It's been ages since I used any Nutrimetics products. I won this from Kat's blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's something about the lovely apricot scent that I just can't resist.

Kiss Ready Skin Sun Veil Balm
It's only been a week and yet my skin is really missing my gorgeous face balm. If you have dry skin you'll love Sun Veil. It's super hydrating and a little goes a very long way. I like to apply it, let it absorb for a few minutes and then massage it in. My skin feels soft and looks glowy.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5
I was underwhelmed with this. People rave about how amazing hyaluronic acid is, however I didn't feel like it did anything for my dry skin.  

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo
My hair is pretty easy to take care of and I'm very lazy with it. Gone are the days when I had to carefully nurture it so it didn't fall out (thanks to being blonde). Easy hair means that I can use most shampoos with out any issues. I was hoping that Glad Hair Day would have the traditional Soap and Glory scent but it doesn't. It still smells nice and did a good job of cleaning my hair. At only $10 per tube I'd happily buy it again. 

Naked Bean Coffee Cream Body Scrub
I usually find creamy scrubs not scrubby enough but this one was great. It was super scrubby, smelled lovely and the tube is very convenient. This one was gifted to me however I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Alaffia Deodorant
Alaffia has been one of my favourite natural deodorants for years now, however the last tube (and the one I'm currently using) just haven't been working. I'm not sure if they changed the formula or if I'm just more stinky now. Either way I won't be repurchasing. 
  Klorane Shampoo
As I mentioned above, my hair is easy maintenance so I'm probably not the best person to do shampoo reviews. This was nice and did the trick. 

Nivea Mix Me Body Lotion
Oh how I loved the scent of this gorgeous body lotion. If they released it on it's own I'd happily repurchase. It was a gorgeous sweet floral that smelled amazing. 

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
I'd love to know how many tubes of Burt's Bees I've gone through. It's been a staple in my collection for around twenty years now. 

L'Oreal Botanicals Geranium Shine Vinegar
I received this to review for Beauty Crew. The whole Geranium range is beautiful and I'd happily repurchase all of it. I used Shine Vinegar as a leave in treatment. It worked well on my fine hair, didn't weigh it down and kept my hair feeling soft. 


These were all nice, other than Skyn Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream none of them were outstanding.

I really liked the Skyn Iceland Night Cream and would love to get a larger sample to try.


As usual I'm clearing out products that I don't love. Most of these ones were old so had to go. They're all well used so I was okay with getting rid of them.

There's a bit of a story behind the Flower Beauty Palette.
I ordered from Chemist Warehouse and the first one turned up broken thanks to them not using bubble wrap. 
I phoned customer service and they had another one of the way to me that day. The palette above is what they sent me. A used tester with 4 of the shadows totally gone and the others well used.
I phoned customer service again and they sent it out to me a third time. Once again it wasn't wrapped or secured in any way, but it thankfully arrived unscathed.

I'm all for minimising packaging but make-up really needs to be wrapped with something. There are plenty of eco friendly alternatives to bubble wrap, Chemist Warehouse really need to sort that out. 

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